Brow & lash growth serum

Brow & lash growth serum

A golden lash and brow serum that is proven to support brow and lash growth, moisturise, improve hair health, prevent hair loss and is vegan & cruelty free! 

The science bit....

Contains ricinoleicic acid which is a potential D12 inhibitor this means that this could be used to prevent hair loss, other research has found that ricinoleicic acid contains high levels of triglycerides which also moisturises lashes and brows. The serum contains omega 6 this helps to improve the health of the hair.


All about M.G beauty:

I am passionate about providing products that not only do what they are supposed to but are beneficial for your skin, brows and lashes. You may be wondering why my products have minimal packaging.... What do you do with packaging? It may look pretty but the product packaging just gets thrown in the bin, not very sustainable hey? M.G beauty products are as efficient and eco friendly as possible, this also means that you get amazing products at affordable prices. Win, win.