Forever Lash/brow Wand

Forever Lash/brow Wand

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All about M.G beauty:

I am passionate about providing products that not only do what they are supposed to but are beneficial for your skin, brows and lashes. You may be wondering why my products have minimal packaging.... What do you do with packaging? It may look pretty but the product packaging just gets thrown in the bin, not very sustainable hey? M.G beauty products are as efficient and eco friendly as possible, this also means that you get amazing products at affordable prices. Win, win. 


    Beautiful lash/ brow wands perfect for brushing through your lash extensions or taming those brows. 


    Due to the nature of this product refunds are not available, however In the unlikely event that your product is delivered faulty please get in contact with me.


    All items will be shipped first class. Alternatively you can collect the item at your appointment.